Frequently asked questions

To reduce chances of tramission, we kindly request you adhere to government measures when attending our classes. Click the + button to READ PRECAUTIONS BELOW. Stay healthy & happy. Love Team MiniJam :-)

(1). Adults wear face masks on arrival (and departure) until seated on mats. (2) Adults to wear face masks during sessions when in Tier 4 unless exempt (3) Temperatures to be taken on arrival (4) Use the buggy park specific to your class time- Do not enter room until previous class has exited (5) When waiting to enter class please maintain 2m distancing. You may need to wait outside if space is limited in your venue (6) Use antibacterial hand sanitiser (provided) on entrance/exit of class (7) Efforts to keep your children seated on mats are appreciated but if your child is looking stressed do let them move around (8) Singing to be kept low and directed at your children (9) Equipment to be cleaned during the cleaning song at the end of sessions​......Thank you for supporting us by adhering to these steps.

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